Daily       Weekly        Monthly (4 weeks)

 $45.00            $270.00                $800.00

  • Prices include HST
  • Rates are for 2 adults or 1 family: 1 or 2 adults + children under 18
  • 10$ extra per night per adult.
  • Maximum one trailer per site, must be 25yrs or older to camp.
  • With service includes: water - electricity (30 amps) - sewer.
  • Check-in time: 1pm
  • Check-out time: noon - There is the possibility of a prolonged departure time without fee until 4:00 p.m., depending of course on availability (please check with us on morning of departure
  • Charges will apply to golf carts
  • Prices can change without notice


  •  1 car per lot maximum
  • All visitors must register at the office
  • Quiet hours: 11pm to 8 am.
  • Animals on leash at all times and pickup poop.
  • No animals at beach, pool, toilets, showers and playground.
  • Music for your ears only, please respect your neighbour.
  • No excessive noise or vulgar language tolerated.
  • Visitors are your responsibility.
  • No bicycles in the sand at the beach, playground, at the pool and on cement pathway at the office.
  • One firepit per site.
  • No motocycles or 4 wheelers excursion in the park.
  • Washing your vehicle or RV requires office permission.
  • No shampoo and/or bathing in the lake.
  • No waste water on the grounds, please use dumping station.
  • No cutting or damaging our trees.
  • Use ashtrays for cigarettes butt.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) to the beach, pool, toilets, showers and must be on their site from 9pm to 9am.
  • No fireworks, fire arms, projectiles and drugs permitted on grounds.
  • No clothesline attached to trees.
  • Beach and pool unsupervised.  Hours and rules posted, please follow.
  • Eviction may occur if rules are not respected.


Breezy Hill Camping & RV Park Inc.